Thank You to all who attended the 2016 convention.  Your support is appreciated.

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2016 Convention


2015 Convention Report

The 2015 Convention marked a break with tradition in that the Eldership on this occasion took the decision to invite four keynote speakers to attend and address the meetings. The men who ministered during the Convention are all involved in active Christian leadership and brought with them a wealth of practical experience, coupled with the faithful proclamation of the Word of God. It was extremely encouraging to discern as the Convention progressed a common thread running through the ministry as we were reminded that God in all His holiness and majesty reigns in sovereign power and is calling unto Himself a people who will surrender to His ways, submit to His discipline, seek His wisdom, earnestly call out to Him in prayer and persevere in following the Lamb wherever He may go.

The keynote speakers at this years’ 98th Inskip Convention were:

David Gibb (St Andrew’s Leyland) who spoke powerfully from Isaiah 6 on the thrice Holy God who in His transcendence is made knowable by His Son and graciously shapes and remakes those who come to Him as did Isaiah, acknowledging their need of a Saviour. Speaking from Revelation 4 and 5, David helpfully reminded us that the Lord Omnipotent reigns from His throne room in heaven and will one day take hold of the title deed of eternity and bring all things to completion when He returns to take that which is rightfully His.

Daniel Ralph (Wester Hails Baptist Church Edinburgh) expounded the books of Habakkuk and James exploring the question what do we do when God’s care for us seems strange and what our response should be when God acts in ways that we don’t understand.  Daniel reminded us that the righteous live by faith and that the Lord disciplines those He loves. It is generally through trials that we search for God’s wisdom, develop our character and learn that God and His ways cannot be improved upon.

On Monday Robin Wood (Christchurch Dorset) drew upon his tremendous experience and research used to pen his book, Touched by Heaven to provide those present with a deeper understanding of how the Lord has moved individuals, communities and nations in times of revival. Robin explored the historical landscape, preconditions and results of revival and concluded with an exhortation for God’s people in this day and generation to pray with fervency for an outpouring of His Holy Spirit in revival power.

Our dear friend and fulltime evangelist Roger Carswell took as his theme the life of the prophet Jeremiah and in examining his life, calling and ministry explored the idea that perhaps as never before, God’s people are living in days not dissimilar to that of this great prophet. Roger reminded us of the personal sacrifice demanded by God from Jeremiah in proclaiming His word to a nation that refused to listen. Roger concluded with an exhortation for Christians to spend time daily imbibing the Word of God in order that we might share it with a lost generation.

As a result of a last minute change to the planned schedule, we were delighted to welcome to the Sunday after meeting Fari Boosheri from Swansea who spoke with both clarity and conviction about his conversation from Islam to Christ, recounting what it cost him personally and how God has subsequently used him to reach others with the gospel.

The church at Inskip seeks to reach children and young people with the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ and to this end runs a Messy Church once a quarter led by Helen and Neil Lewis who use their vast reserves of energy and imagination to communicate Bible stories using craft, activities, games and song. Helen and Neil did a splendid job at this year’s Convention as they led the children’s activities and introduced the little ones to some of the Heroes of Faith that we find in scripture. If you would like to bring your children to the next Messy Church then please see the Inskip church website for further details

The church at Inskip relies on trusted friends each year to make the Convention a success and without exception this year, those whom we frequently rely upon once again assisted in various ways for which we are most grateful. Sound and vision are increasingly important in this technological age in which we live and to this end we thank Anthony Marsh and John Whittaker for running the projection, ensuring that speakers and musicians could be clearly heard and recording the meetings. We were delighted to welcome Harold Heath and the music group from Hope Church (Ashton in Makerfield) who shared with us a selection of songs that they had written and led us in praise during our evening meetings. Thanks must also go to our own dedicated pianists, Geoff Fairhurst and Jane Marsh for leading our praise during the afternoon.

Tenofthose supplied an array of good Christian literature which is true to the gospel and those present benefited hugely from book reviews and recommendations brought by Jonathan Carswell, John Robb and Alex. We hope and that trust that the lives of those who purchased literature will be enriched by what they read and that the Word will go further afield as a result of this very helpful ministry.

It isn’t an easy task to feed and water the several hundred people who attend the Convention and to this end we are very grateful to Brenda Bridge and to all who assisted with catering and the provision of tea and coffee. Our thanks are especially extended to Graham Jackson (site manager) and his team for looking after the practicalities of the site, ensuring that attendees were kept safe and comfortable.


David Gibb

David Gibb has served as Vicar of St Andrew’s Anglican Church in Leyland, in the NW of England for the past 14 years. Before that he served at St Ebbe’s Church, Oxford and studied at Wycliffe Hall and London School of Theology. A former teacher, he is married to Claire and they have three teenage daughters. He has recently written a devotional book on the prophet Hosea, and is writing another on the book of Revelation. To relax he plays the piano (badly!) and enjoys dogs (they have two labradors).


Daniel Ralph

Daniel Ralph has been a Christian for 28 years and is the Pastor of Wester Hailes Baptist Church on the west side of Edinburgh, where he lives with his wife and Children and has been serving for the last five years.


Robin Wood

Robin was General Secretary of Moorlands Bible College from 1972-1992. He has served as a missionary and pastor in Thailand and has been Field Director for Home Evangelists. He is married with 2 children and 5 grandchildren. Robin has recently written a book on revival ‘Touched by Heaven’ and will be speaking on the subject when he is with us.


Roger Carswell

Roger is a travelling evangelist and author. He leads evangelistic church and university missions as well as speaking at Christian conferences. He has written eleven books including And some evangelists and Where is God in a messed up world?, and publishes numerous gospel tracts and booklets. He is married to Dot, has four children and lives in Leeds.


2014 Convention Report

The keynote guest speaker at the 2014 convention was Rupert Bentley-Taylor who has served as a pastor in Bath for almost 30 years and who is on the board of Trustees of the FIEC. Rupert opened God’s word from the book of Genesis and systematically expounded chapters 20-26 coupling insightful scriptural teaching with firm application to the lives of 21st Century Christians. More specifically, Rupert’s messages focused on the timeless themes of fear, faithfulness, faith, hope, blessing, struggle and provision. Rupert’s teaching was very well received by those who attended and the eldership of Inskip Baptist Church were tremendously grateful to Rupert and his wife Margie for sharing with us at the 97th Inskip Convention.

The musical accompaniment was provided by a combination of representatives from Inskip Baptist (Jane Marsh and Geoff Fairhurst) with praise in the evening services being led by Harold Heath and the music group from Hope Church (Ashton in Makerfield). Following the success of the use of projection equipment at last years’ convention, we once again projected hymns and notices on large television screens and will continue to do so.  The convention was very grateful to Anthony Marsh and John Whittaker for managing the technical side of the meetings ensuring that speakers were heard and that messages were recorded.

Billy Ainscough who serves as an Assistant Head Teacher in Liverpool provided a powerful testimony to a crowded tent at the late service on Sunday evening. Billy spoke with honesty, compassion and sincerity as he gave his testimony of surviving the Hillsborough disaster and of how God Himself intervened to save his life (both physically and then spiritually) during and as a result of that awful tragedy. The convention was also able to host a wide range of children’s activities led by former school teachers Neil and Helen Lewis as they brought the gospel to our younger attendees through a variety of crafts, activities and songs. Jane Earnshaw and her team catered for the toddlers and little ones in the crèche tent thus freeing parents to attend the meetings in the afternoon.  The convention was indebted to all who helped with the children’s activities for their dedication and hard work.

The eldership of the church are seeking to provide opportunity on a Monday evening to invite speakers to share and teach on issues that are of great importance and relevance to Christians in the UK today. To this end, it was a pleasure to welcome Dr Patrick Sookhdeo who serves as director of the Barnabas Fund. Patrick spoke to an overflowing tent regarding his very recent trip to Northern Iraq and the plight of Christians in the Middle-East who are suffering persecution and face genocide in the face of militant Islamists and specifically at the hands of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Patrick provided a comprehensive analysis of the growth of Islam across Europe and called on Christians in the West to cry tears of compassion and pray for our brothers and sisters (both young and old) who suffer for the sake of Christ and His gospel. It was a meeting that will never be forgotten and was precious in the history of the Convention.

John Robb from 10ofthose provided an excellent array of good Christian literature and highlighted several books for recommendation. Sales of good Christian literature were strong this year and we look forward to partnering with 10ofthose next year. We were also very grateful to all who assisted with the practicalities of ensuring the convention ran smoothly and especially to Graham Jackson and his team for managing the site and tent and to Brenda Bridge and the catering team for their wonderful food and hospitality afforded to our attendees.


2014 Inskip Convention pictures.

Recordings are available via CD from John Whitaker – please contact the church to order these. Recordings will also be available online on this page in due course.